Being part of the fast growing and most dynamic industry in the world is now open to you. The CBD product market has exploded. CBD products can now be found on the shelves of top retailers, individual shops and online. The market size is predicted to top $20 Billion by 2024, according to Forbes and other researchers, but this is only part of the story! 

TrueMedX combines the CBD from the finest US grown hemp, along with other natural supplements to create the most Advanced Bioceuticals available on the market.

TrueMedX products are formulated by professionals in medicine and science. Professionals who understand what works, why it works and how certain supplements work together to create the most amazing health benefits. TrueMedX products, unlike any others on the market are formulated based on the research of the experts from the World Canna Health team of advisers. 

By becoming a TrueMedX Affiliate you not only have the science and training of GnuPharma, but bring to the market top health supplement products and claiming your share of the fast expanding $115 Billion dietary supplement market*. 

There are many ways to get started as a turnkey affiliate, which right for you? May be all of them. Your past experiences and future goals will guide you to the plan that makes the most sense for you.  Schedule a no-obligation introductory call to determine how you can profit from the growing TrueMedX opportunity. 

Online:  We will create a turnkey website pre-populated with TrueMedX products and information.

Wholesale:  Sell TrueMedX products to your current store, spa/health club or practice.

Distributorship: Wholesale direct to local retailers.

Direct Sales:  Sell products from home. 

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