How does our body normally defend against a virus like COVID or other foreign invaders?  We have a very logical defense system called our immune system.  This system works in a predictable fashion but can be rather complex in its bouquet of resources.  If we look at the resources (things like leukotrienes, cytokines, IL’s, TNF’s) things get soupy and confusing.  If we look at what is CONTROLLING and MANAGING those resources, things get more understandable.

Our immune system is controlled, managed, and actioned by the endocannabinoid system (ECS).  In fact from the genesis of all of the immune mediators, which happen from stem cells in bones, to the building of those stem cells into mediators, to the deployment of those mediators, is ALL managed by the ECS.  This happens mainly through two chemicals, one called anandamide and the other referred to as 2-AG.  Anandamide stimulation of bone will cause the shut down of stem cells related to the immune system.  2-AG will stimulate immune stem cell development in bone.  They have the exact opposite effect on stem cell differentiation (different types of stem cells).  This processes certainly can be influenced as discussed below.
So what about SARS-COV classified viruses?  Well they enter us through a receptor called ACE2.  In many studies blocking ACE2 or modifying its structure is shown to be a good strategy at preventing COVID from entering the body or spreading once it has entered.
At TrueMedX we hold intellectual property around how to influence the body.  We use these methods to determine what type of natural products we can use to do different things within the body.  As we have discussed an effective strategy at COVID prevention is blocking ACE2 from COVID.  We achieve this through providing an ACE2 blocker in the form of licorice and we provide an ACE2 modifier in the form of CBD-A.  Further, we provide resources which enhance the ECS and systems which complement the ECS.  Lemon Balm contains rosmarinic acid.  Rosmarinic acid is a PPAR-Gamma effector which is tightly tied to your immune balance.   Ginger is used due to its abilities to influence the TRP pathway.  Sage is a very important herb with many many medicinal properties well documented over the years.  Sage (Salvia officinalis ) contains borneol, camphor, caryophyllene, cineole, elemene, humulene, ledene, pinene, and thujone.  Each and every one with medicinal properties and immune benefits.
For these reasons we combine these ingredients into our Defender product line.  The tablet product is a daily use product and the Defender shot product is a single use product or to be used in times of high risk of exposure.
Chip Paul | Chief Innovator at TrueMedX

Chip Paul | Chief Innovator at TrueMedX

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