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Are you looking for  a program to help you reach your wellness goals?

We have a program called the GnuPharma Care Plan this is a program designed to help us discover your specific needs. We have a unique way of identifying imbalances through our one-on-one consultations and our understanding of the endocannabinoid system. If you sign up, the platform will allow us to monitor your health and we can make appropriate recommendations that may include products, diet or environmental changes. The platform will also keep us organized if there are recommendations from Chip. The purpose of the program is to awaken our clients to their full potential and help them discover a new perspective on life.

Here is what is included in the program:

  • Initial Consultation: we will build your customized program from the initial consultation.
  • Recommendations: you will get a free TrueMedX sample pack to help us identify what works best for you.
  • Full access to all of the educational modules by Chip. He adds new ones monthly and weekly sometimes!
  • Monthly Follow-up: this is so we can make sure we are on target with your wellness needs. Sometimes we may need to adjust either products, diet or environment for optimal wellbeing.
  • Monthly sample product by TrueMedX. Through the consultation we will note what other products or delivery methods may work for you and will send you a monthly sample to try for free.
  • Chat feature: you will have the ability to directly chat with Chip if you have a question.
  • Video feature: do you have something to show Chip? This feature allows for us to see what you see. It comes in handy!!
  • Discounts at TrueMedX: as part of the program you will get 20% off every product recommendation by Chip. The discount is applied to each unit, not the cart value, so you save more!

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