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Batik Fabric Sarongs

Batik Fabric Sarongs

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Batik fabrics are hand dyed with exquisite care in exotic locales. Each yard of batik fabric is stamped with intricate wax resist designs and cured in the sunshine.

Care Instructions: 

Since batik fabric prints are made through such an elaborate process, you may wonder if they bleed when you wash them. The answer is YES. Batik quilt fabrics do indeed bleed, but the best way to avoid a tie-dye batik quilts disaster is to pre-wash your batik fabrics with some water and Retayne. If you’re unfamiliar with Retayne, it’s simply a color fixative that helps “lock” fabric dye in to prevent excessive bleeding. All you need to do is soak your batiks in enough water to completely cover them, add about a teaspoon of Retayne and let it all soak for approximately 20 minutes. Then, give your batiks a rinse with cool water, toss them in the dryer, and voila—tie-dye disaster avoided!


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