Comfort & Ease Tincture


1200 mg



The TrueMedX Comfort & Ease Tincture are designed for those with daily discomfort. This ideal journey is nutritionally targeted to promote mobility & movement.*

Our goals are to provide a down regulating experience. By “down regulating” the Endocannabinoid System we can call on its assistance to help with things like mobility & movement. By providing the Endocannabinoid System with proper resources, it can better regulate the human body.

You will feel the difference!!

Made with:

  • Olive oil: The health benefits of olive oil are extensive. From antioxidants that protect the blood cells from damage, to cardiovascular benefits it has lots of positives to offer no matter how you consume it. Olive oil is also widely known for being an aid in losing weight.*
  • Black seed oil: Black seed oil is loaded with nutritional, medicinal Endocannabinoid benefits. It has been commonly used to treat issues of the central nervous system including anxiety and depression. It has been show to be beneficial with drug withdrawal.*
  • Chia seed oil: Chia seed oil is an excellent fruit oil and has many benefits. Chis seeds are a provider of b-caryophollene, as is black seed oil. b-caryophollene is a direct modulator of the CB2 Neuroreceptor. Direct modulation of the CB2 Neuroreceptor has been shown to be effective at treating movement or mobility issues, diabetes and cardiovascular regulation.

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Weight 2 oz

Full Size, Sample

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