I live an interesting life.  I read research papers everyday.  Research into human function, how we work, how we store nutrients, how we fuel our magnificent bodies.  Well, I can 100% tell you this, we have been misinformed about how we work.  Whether on purpose, or by confusion, or by overload…we have been misled.

So, here is some TRUTH.  Two things define our function at the highest level.  Well..three, I would certainly consider Spirit, but a seperate discussion.  What are these two things?  Diet and environment.  You react to your environment by turning off and on genes to deal with your environment.  Similarly you deal with what you eat by turning on and off genes to properly process what you eat.  Gene “mutations” don’t exist.  No one has put your gene through a garbage disposal and mangled it.  A gene can be shut off, or it can be poorly transcribed (which can be fixed).

At the highest level we switch between a sugar machine and a fat machine.  It sure looks to me like we prefer fat based operation over sugar based operation.  All of our endocannabinoids we need to handle regulation in our bodies comes from fats.  Most of the anti-inflammatories that we need to deal with immune system impacts come from fats.  In fact our most BASIC storage mechanism, called a triglyceride, is 3 parts fat to 1 part sugar.

So what happens when we eat too much fruit=sugar=fructose=corn syrup?  These carbohydrates are in EVERYTHING.  Read the labels of most processed foods.  Read the label at most fast food restaurants.  Corn syrup is everywhere.  By the way, what is the difference between a “sugar” and a “carbohydrate”?  Google the amount of carbohydrates in corn syrup and guess what?  The amount of sugar is exactly the same.  That is because “carbohydrate” is just another name for sugars.  

Most fruit contains fructose (very little) or sucrose which are carbohydrates and also sugars.  Fructose is added in higher quantities than in fruit, to most processed foods.  In fact almost all of them.  When you eat a fruit it naturally contains something called citric acid which will convert to citrate.  More on this in a sec.

So what are we telling our bodies genetically and environmentally by eating a diet extremely high in corn syrup?  We are saying, “you live in a jungle and ONLY have access to fruits.  In fact a BUNCH of fruits, but no fat.  Your dietary fat is overwhelmed by the amount of fruits you are consuming.”  Further, because high fructose corn syrup has no citric acid, there is no “rate limiter”.  Citric acid is what tells your body to stop processing sugars and start processing fats.  Without citric acid in that meal with corn syrup we stay in sugar processing too long.  

The result?  Something called metabolic syndrome where we are all stuck in a loop of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and other factors.  We cannot mitigate inflammation because most of our anti-inflammatories come from fat processing.  In fact 80% of us will die of inflammatory type diseases.  This correlates almost EXACTLY with the introduction of processed foods and corn syrup in our diets.  When you sugar process over fat process, you also degrade your muscles (they do need some sugar processing).  In fact one of the results of muscular dystrophy is an inability to fat process in muscles.

Think about it this way, we are driving vehicles that run on fat mostly.  It is like our gas.  Sugar might go in the tank, and might get the engine to start, and we might move down the road, but that engine sure is getting gummed up.  Keto diets, omega 3 fatty acids are critical, and we need some supplements to “restart” us.  Mainly citrate and glutathione, or come see us at GnuPharma/TrueMedX.

References:  Lipogenesis vs Gluconeogenesis

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Chip Paul

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