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Why Choose TrueMedX Advanced Bioceuticals?

The TrueMedX brand was developed in order to highlight the endocannabinoid progress and work that is being done at GnuPharma Corp.  When the CBD landscape was considered, no products really rose to the level of endocannabinoid efforts needed to address most medical conditions.  Clearly CBDs have value and medical benefits, but throwing them in a soup of MCT oil seems limited and basic.

In 2014 GnuPharma developed an anecdotal way to modulate the endocannabinoid system with simple herbs and spices.  The company quickly patented the idea and began to develop the science and University level relationships to build on its theories.  GnuPharma theorizes that incredible synergies and power can come from combining the power of herbs and spice with the power of CBD.  We call these combined formulations Biocueticals.

The TrueMedx brand brings the power of GnuPharma science around plants with the power and known benefits of medicinal CBD.  Together these make a powerful and synergistic combination.

Spice up your life with us and get healthy!