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Meet Cortez "Crazy Cowboy" Coleman: Champion of Men's Health and Holistic Wellness

This June, as we focus on Men's Health Month at Neighborly Wellness, we are thrilled to feature Cortez "Crazy Cowboy" Coleman. Cortez is a remarkable individual whose journey through natural medicine and holistic wellness has not only transformed his own life but also inspires many others. Here’s his incredible story.

Introduction to Holistic Wellness

Hello, I'm Cortez Coleman, a professional mixed martial arts fighter, boxer, gym owner, black belt in jiu-jitsu, mental coach, personal trainer, boxing coach, and lifestyle coach. I've been into natural medicine since I was 12 years old. When I found cannabis, my journey with holistic wellness became a life-changer. I've always been a naturalist, but since meeting Chip and Cindy of Truemedx, my knowledge in natural medicine has expanded, and I can definitely see the positive changes I've made since then.

Discovering Thermal Imaging

How did I discover thermal imaging? Well, it's a pretty crazy story. I was on my way home one day after a stressful week and saw a new business next door. I walked in and that's when I was introduced to Truemedx products and the man who made them. From there, like everything else I do, I started to do some research, took some of the products, and tried them for several weeks. Once I became a believer in the product and got great results, I started exploring the other services they had. That's when I was introduced to bioresonance, which was a game-changer for me as an athlete. Being able to see where my inflammation is and being able to attack it with natural medicines, as well as checking for things like pesticides that doctors don't talk to us about, was pretty cool.

Experiencing Thermal Imaging and Bioresonance

My experience with thermal imaging and other services was mind-blowing. I was able to see the inflammation in different parts of my body through just radio waves. The accuracy was impressive, and I was also able to recognize different parasites, which was amazing. Overall, my experience was something I would share with anyone.

TrueMedX and Wellness

One of the TrueMedX products that has significantly aided my wellness journey is their Vitality and Focus supplement. I must also highlight the Blast product, which supports our second brain – the gut.

I've experienced huge improvements by taking the energy shots. My inflammation and swelling have reduced, and my energy levels are boosted with natural ingredients. The Focus product has also been a game-changer, cutting down my brain fog from ten lines to just two.

My daily routine starts with waking up and thanking God that I'm alive. I then drink water and take all of my vitamins. Before leaving the house, I start off with my Vitality Shot, made by TrueMedX. I also take 3 to 4 Focus tablets. After that, I begin my day by training clients or working out myself.

Based on my experience with TrueMedX products and the incredible people behind them, I highly recommend them to anyone dealing with health issues. Their service and products are top-notch.

Teaming up with TrueMedX and using their products has brought a significant change in my lifestyle. These products have been transformative, and I will continue to incorporate them into my life as long as I'm here on earth. It is an honor to have access to these products.

Professional Experience

Beyond his personal health journey, Cortez is the owner of Conquer Kickboxing Gym and Conquer BJJ, a Mixed Martial Arts training academy specializing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, MMA, and Wrestling. He teaches children's jiu-jitsu and is dedicated to supporting and sponsoring other fighters like himself. Cortez's commitment to fitness and wellness extends beyond his personal achievements, as he actively contributes to the growth and development of his students and fellow athletes.

More From Cortez

I would like to add that I am not a paid salesperson. I am a person who takes the products daily. If you follow me, you can see that I actually live the lifestyle, and I stand 100% behind Truemedx products. It's definitely a brand that is about helping people and healing naturally.

Cortez embodies resilience and holistic wellness, living by the powerful words he shared: "I am strong because I know my weakness, beautiful because I am aware of my flaws, I am fearless, because I learned to recognize illusion from real, I am wise because I learn from my mistakes, I am a lover because I have felt hate, and I can laugh because I have known sadness."

Cortez Coleman's story is a testament to the power of holistic wellness and natural healing. His dedication to living a healthy lifestyle and his advocacy for Truemedx products make him an inspiring figure for Men's Health Month. Join us at Neighborly Wellness to learn more about how you can benefit from holistic wellness practices and start your journey towards better health today.

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