About Us

Chip and Cindy Paul are a happily married couple and have been together since 2009.  When they met, both were very health conscious and neither drank alcohol nor took any kind of medications stronger than aspirin.

Chip is a keynote speaker and media resource for medical cannabis, cannabis regulation, and the endocannabinoid system.  Chip was a TedX speaker in 2022 on the endocannabinoid system.  He is recognized as one of the world's top theorists on both human function and the endocannabinoid system.  Chip was instrumental in the organization and passage of medical marijuana laws in Oklahoma and continues to be involved in education and consulting for both commercial industry and regulatory bodies.  He often appears on national and international shows including the Brighteon Network (Mike Adams, The Health Ranger), Coast to Coast AM, and LindellTV.  Chip does a weekly podcast which can be found at chiptalkspodcast.com and Chip and his wife Cynthia operate a non-medical health clinic in Ada called Neighborly Nutrition (www.neighborlynutrition.com).

 Established in 2014


Led the medical marijuana revolution in Oklahoma and continue to stand at its forefront and co-authored the most open access marijuana laws in the country.


Mapped the endocannabinoid system into human function and developed a "diagnosis" system, although we cannot call it that because we are not docs then developed a treatment system based on our "diagnosis" system.


Although we are not doctors, but we have worked with thousands of "patients" to assist them with their health needs and developing a "clinical care" model to begin helping people more directly and locally.


Built education channels through their work with nonprofits and "Chip Talks" and are pioneering diagnostic testing of the endocannabinoid system and other system.

Chip and Cindy have a nutrition shop in Ada Oklahoma called "Neighborhood Nutrition" where you can shop a full line of our TrueMedX products or grab a yummy smoothie or a hot beverage to get your day started right!

Neighborhood Nutrition: 13817 County Road 3520 Ada OK 74820