Unlocking Health: Beyond Pills - A Deeper Look at Obesity, Type II Diabetes, and Natural Solutions

Unlocking Health: Beyond Pills - A Deeper Look at Obesity, Type II Diabetes, and Natural Solutions

The recent popularity of pharmaceutical drugs which help with obesity and type II diabetes, is both promising and troubling.  Most of us have been programmed to think that “one pill fixes all”.  I don’t really know when this happened, but most of us were thinking this way in 2018.  If we got sick or did not feel well, we went to the doctor, he gave us a prescription, and we were better.  Over the last 5 years, something has happened to us as a population.  We are beginning to consider that our bodies are like a sophisticated vehicle and no one ever gave us an owners manual.  One pill does not fix all any longer.

In order to improve our health we need to better understand our function.  This has been obscured in both curriculum and teachings, although you certainly can find truth as long as you are capable of discernment.  Along those lines lets discuss the current slate of weight loss/obesity control drugs, what they do, and perhaps if there is a “better” and “safer” method which may work more in line with you and how you work.

Lets set the stage a bit.  Currently we have two situations which work against you if you have type II, type I, or struggle with your weight.  The first is eating frequency.  We eat too OFTEN.  It is NOT the volume of what we eat, although that likely could also be adjusted, it is the FREQUENCY of eating that gets us.  The act of eating prompts our body to go from a HIGH gear state (where we burn fats and tidy up insulin issues) to a LOW gear state (where we use insulin to signal, we drop our immune system, we turn off our two ways to fight cancer).  Just teaching an individual how to intermittent fast WILL PUT THE BODY INTO A STATE WHERE IT WILL HELP YOU ADJUST TYPE II.  A ton of research on that last statement.

The second situation which can work against you in an obesity or type II situation is the COMPOSITION of meals.   If you eat like most of us do, fast food, quick meals, processed foods, you are likely consuming a lot of corn syrup and fructose.  Fructose is a nice sweetener, but lets consider what you are telling your body when you consume it.  Fructose comes from fruit and your body can break it down. It does jump some things in how you produce energy and can be HARMFUL in higher doses (like we currently consume).  Consider, in the “wild” how often would fruit be available?  Maybe two weeks out of the year?  It would rot and spoil past that?  So we are meant to handle fructose at a two week a year level, not the ONSLAUGHT we have today in our diets.  This over supply of fructose changes mechanism in our bodies and puts us at risk in MANY different ways.  A simple google search will confirm that.  Does that mean fructose is “bad”?  No!  However, it must be consumed in moderate doses and the extremely high doses we consume today are bad for our health and promote type II and obesity.

So when we consider a solution for type II diabetes and obesity, we MUST factor in the environmental and operational issues about us described above.  Simply changing the frequency and composition of your meals will GREATLY improve your situation and may even be enough to fully correct it.  

As we look at attacking the type II and obesity issue, there are some things we can learn from pharma.  There are a whole class of new peptide type drugs which target these issues, Ozempic being the most popular.  All of these target a peptide/receptor called GLP-1.  This receptor is involved with glucose uptake and how your body understands availability of glucose or other sugars in the blood.  Getting the GLP-1 system to function better has efficacy at type II diabetes and obesity.  Can we target this receptor naturally?  It turns out YES and with some pretty benign things from nature.  So that is what we do in our FAST product.  Further, we also understand metabolism and can use your bodies natural processes to help you loose weight.  Our program is more than just taking a pill, but we can assure you we can teach you how to improve your health with simple behavior, dietary, and perhaps some supplemental changes which align with Nature. 

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