Meet Cindy Paul

Welcome to TrueMedX, where holistic well-being meets compassionate care. At TrueMedX, we are dedicated to empowering individuals on their wellness journey, offering a range of products and services designed to promote health and happiness.

Meet Cindy, our passionate Director of Operations and Marketing. With a deep-rooted commitment to holistic wellness and over a decade of experience in the health and wellness industry, Cindy plays a pivotal role in shaping our mission and driving strategic initiatives for a healthier community.

Cindy's journey began with a passion for health and wellness, leading her to embark on an entrepreneurial career focused on promoting healing and well-being. With her expertise in operations management, marketing strategy development, and creative design, Cindy ensures that TrueMedX remains at the forefront of innovation in the wellness industry.

In addition to her role at TrueMedX, Cindy is the owner and leader of the ambassador affiliate program and website. Her leadership and vision drive the growth and success of TrueMedX, fostering a community of passionate ambassadors committed to promoting health through the power of cannabinoids and holistic health solutions.

Beyond her professional dedication, Cindy embodies a holistic approach to health, balancing her commitment to TrueMedX with her personal well-being. Together with her husband, Chip Paul, and their four dachshunds, Cindy embraces a lifestyle rooted in wellness, exploring culinary adventures, enjoying the great outdoors, and fostering a sense of community wherever she goes.

At TrueMedX, we believe that true wellness begins with compassion, community, and a commitment to holistic health. Join us on our journey to wellness, where every step is taken with care, compassion, and a neighborly spirit.