Welcome to John Frasure's Health Journey with Neighborly Wellness & TrueMedX

From Marine Veteran to Health Advocate: Discover John's story and the holistic health solutions that transformed his life.

Meet John Frasure

John Frasure is an inspiring figure—a Marine veteran and a passionate advocate for medical cannabis. After surviving a quadruple bypass surgery, John sought holistic health solutions to improve his heart health. Through bioresonance therapy, thermal imaging, and TrueMedX natural products from Neighborly Wellness, John experienced a remarkable recovery.

John was also instrumental in the medical cannabis campaign in Oklahoma. He played a key role in collecting signatures, advocating for the cause, and engaging with the media. His efforts in advocacy led him to start a Facebook group: "This is a Group where People can Talk and Share Ideas on Cannabis. No outright advertising pics, informational is fine." This group provides a platform for people to discuss and share information about cannabis.

Discover Our Holistic Health Services

Bioresonance Therapy: Experience the power of bioresonance therapy, a non-invasive method that balances your body's energy frequencies to promote overall health and well-being. Book a Bioresonance

Thermal Imaging: Thermal imaging provides a unique insight into your body’s condition, identifying areas of inflammation and other health issues early, allowing for proactive care. Book a Thermal Image

TrueMedX Natural Products: Explore the benefits of TrueMedX natural products. These carefully crafted solutions harness the healing power of nature to support your wellness journey, providing safe and effective options for holistic health. 

Why Choose Neighborly Wellness?

Personalized Care: We tailor our services to meet your specific health needs, ensuring a personalized approach to your wellness journey.

Holistic Approach: Our treatments focus on the whole person, not just symptoms, promoting overall health and well-being.

Proven Results: Join the many satisfied clients, like John Frasure, who have experienced significant health improvements through our holistic treatments.


"Neighborly Wellness changed my life. The bioresonance therapy and TrueMedX products have helped me feel better than ever." - John Frasure

"Thanks to Neighborly Wellness, I have a new outlook on health and wellness. Their holistic approach is truly transformative." - Sarah T.

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